Following my education I joined The Royal Navy; serving on Portsmouth based Type 42 Destroyers before then embarking upon a tour in the Falkland Islands. I'm extremely proud to have served my country where I also saw active service in the Middle East. 

Since leaving the Armed Services in 2003 I have operated my own businesses in construction whilst also serving as a Town Councillor, Town Mayor, District Councillor, and Vice Chair of my local authority. I have been a member of UKIP since 2011, a Parliamentary Candidate, an elected member of the UKIP NEC, and Chairman of the branch I founded. I have a passion for local politics and I want to bring that passion to the very top of UKIP.

I am a very proud father of two girls and two boys and want nothing more than to secure a environment where the next generation can be safe, prosperous and fulfill their potential within a country that allows them to.  

I am somebody with huge drive and ambition. I am ready and willing to tackle the challenges ahead of us; building on the solid foundation we have as a party and engaging with the change required to secure a better future.

I am the only grassroots candidate for the forthcoming UKIP leadership election. The party is fractured and lacks leadership and I believe that I can reassemble its direction. ​

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